Abbie here - Growing up in southern Minnesota, I had a lot of interests; animals, the land, travel, a diverse wardrobe & a vision of no limits. After almost a decade of farming with my fam, I've decided I don't need to choose 1 path or another. Instead, I've put various loves of mine here together in 1 place

Throughout my childhood I would ride over the road with my dad, as he drove truck, and have been fortunate enough to have seen a majority of the US via land, sea & sky. You never know where you'll find me;) The mountains always fascinated me & this summer I fell in love with them all over again

​My goal is to help you find products to make your life {as the many roles you play} more enjoyable. I've hand selected these items to show the passion I have in the varied ventures I'm involved in. This is a place I’m expressing myself & connecting with others who enjoy similar things. Feel free at anytime to reach out about a question you have or something you are looking for, or are wondering if I can provide